Strong, plastic wheel, threaded aluminum hub accepts freewheels & adapters. Installed bearings accept 0.5" axle.
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NOTE: We no longer carry these wheels. It this is critical for your build or replacement needs, check with Blue Sky Design as an alternative resource.


Plastic wheel with machined aluminum hub. 

Heavy duty sealed bearings installed, ready for a 0.5" axle.

Hub has a standard (1.375" x 24 TPI) threads, which which accept thread-on freewheel, sprocket adapter, or brake rotor adapter.

Weight = 2.9 lbs (with bearings installed)

VERY IMPORTANT: Avoid premature bearing drag and failure from over-torque of the axle bolt that you chose. There is no "crush sleeve" between the inner races (of the left and right bearings installed).The bearings can handle intermittent side loads generated from cornering, but not the continuous side load of an over tightened bolt. If you do not add a crush sleeve yourself, then only tighten the axle enough to prevent sideways movement of the wheel on the axle (and no more). If you locate a properly sized off-the shelf crush sleeve before we do, let us know and we'll be happy to include it with future wheel sales.