Wheel Cover Set

Gain an aerodynamic advantage with this Wheel Cover Set (pair) for ultra efficiency competition vehicles running 20" (bicycle size) wheels, or smaller.
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Dished Wheel cover set includes one pair of identical wheel discs.

  • Intentionally produced "over sized" for use on various 20" bicycle or 16" DOT wheel sizes.
  • Center dimple and slightly visible concentric rings mark important cut lines to guide builders while cutting.
  • Versatile design allows builders to choose optimal location and size of valve stem access, axle/hub clearances, and attach point holes.
  • Discs may be held to wheel with small holes and fasteners. Depending on your application, fasteners may include nylon screws and nuts, tie-wraps, or get more creative. Due to the large variety of customer applications, we do not decide, nor ship fasteners.
  • 6 equally spaced attach points near the perimeter of the disc is recommended.
  • Parts are usually produced in white, color may vary.
  • Paintable with Polyurethane paints only. Spot testing on a scrap edge piece is reccomended.


  • Maximum useable disc diameter is 18.5"
  • Maximum dish depth (in the center) of 1.5" (solid and untrimmed, as shown)
  • Thickness is approximately 1/16"

The SHIFT EV streamliner (below) has tested this product at over 80MPH.