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Wheel, alloy mag style, may be used for front or rear, with integrated drum brake.
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Excellent for Electrathon, Electrorally, Power Drive and supermileage vehicles that push the limits of typical bicycle wheels, and braking capability. The integrated drum brake assembly is cable ready. The assembly may be used with axle mounted from one side, or both sides. The alloy wheel and brake shoe assembly are powder-coated.


  • 12mm diameter Axle Assembly is included. Note that the threads and nuts are 11mm:12mm axle assembly
  • Tire (mounted), low rolling resistance, high mileage.
  • Tube (mounted).
  • Mag Wheel, aluminum alloy, mag, which includes a 4 bolt-hole pattern (option to mount a sprocket or wheel cover).
  • Two bearings with 12mm ID, (installed) plus a steel anti-crush-spacer that fits between the inner races of the bearings.
  • cable-ready drum brake assembly.


  • Wheel assembly is Department Of Transportation (DOT) approved, stamped on rim.
  • Tire and tube provided are also DOT approved.
  • Wheel accepts DOT tires size 16"x2.5" (included), AND high-pressure bicycle tire of sizes 20”x2” and similar (not included).
  • Bearings (installed) will accept axles with 12mm diameter (one is included, and some customers build their own).
  • 4.47"=Hub width of Wheel+Brake plate
  • 3.63"=Hub width of Wheel only (without Brake plate)
  • 5.13 lbs = Mag wheel with bearings installed (not including tire & tube)
  • 1.3 lbs = Assembled brake plate only (includes brake shoes, springs, cable clamp, etc.,.)

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