Adapters for NEMA 14-50 Receptacle

Adapters for NEMA 14-50 (to other common plug types).
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Powerful EVSE's often ship with a NEMA 14-50P (Plug), and use the adapters below to connect from the NEMA 14-50P to other common plug types. These connectors are acceptable for temporary outdoor use.

 ADAPT NEMA14 50to10 30 NEMA 10-30, (part#1965) plugs into common 3 prong, 30 amp dryer outlets.

 ADAPT NEMA14 50to5 15NEMA 5-15, (part#1966) Plugs into standard household 120V wall outlets.

 ADAPT NEMA14 50to14 30NEMA 14-30, (part#1967) Plugs into newer 4 prong, 30 Amp dryer outlets.

ADAPT NEMA14 50 ALL3 recAll 3 Adapters, (part#1968) to plug in almost anywhere.

Quick reference table for plug and socket identification:

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