Complete Electrathon Car #41

Part# 1220-597

Record setting Electrathon Car, complete with batteries and External charger.
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This is a highly competetive starter car at less than half the price of a new kit!

Posted FOR SALE BY OWNER (not by SHIFT EV) on 10-16-2018.

If car and parts is to be shipped, this must be arranged with OWNER (not SHFIT EV).

Buyer should verify ALL details in the description below with the car owner (TONY Daniels) directly at 253-985-3585 in Washington state.  SHIFT EV is not responsible if details below are different than what Tony ships.  The posting below was accurate for what SHIFT EV originally sold to Tony. But SHIFT EV can't confirm it's current condition is the same, nor if Tony is including all the same parts listed below.

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This super efficient Electrathon car was built by our friend Dave Cloud.

Offer includes the complete running vehicle with batteries, charger, instrumentation, spare tires, 2 spare chains, and 9 extra sprockets for tuning.


  • The top and sides are made from fiberglass and carbon fiber. 
  • The sides and base are built mostly from double-walled fiberglass panels with honeycomb core, and carbon fiber reinforcements.
  • The front and rear wheel mounting structures are made from welded mild steel box and tubing.

Dimensions & Weight:

  • The rear tires are about 44 inches apart (track width).
  • Distance from the front axle to the rear axles is about 6ft.
  • Vehicle body is 9ft long.
  • Max height is 25"
  • The fuselage is approximately 16" wide at the shoulders.

Car is equipped with:

  • Extremely efficient Lynch Electric Motor (200A). *** This motor cost $1600 New.
  • Motor controller.
  • Six - 6v lead acid batteries that Dave Cloud raced it with. Current condition is unknown (by SHIFT EV) - so check with seller on this.
  • External charger.
  • Instrumentation: A "Battery Manager EL" provides real-time battery data for driver and testing. i.e. voltages, current, amp hours, etc.
  • A temperature sensor is mounted to the top of one of the two batteries with the display being visible from the drivers compartment.
  • All tires are Prime, Comet 20"x1.35" + 2 spare tires and 1 spare tube.

Please be aware:

  • Because of its competitive design, tall drivers may have a difficult time entering/exiting this vehicle without proper modification.
  • As with any previously owned vehicles, this one includes dents, chips, cracks, etc., that don't cause any functional problems.

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