BugE Kit, a mechanical parts ONLY kit

Part# 1361

Pronounced "Bug Eeeee", Includes fully welded steel chassis with front and rear mono shock suspension, Body, Wheels, etc.,. (drive system not included)
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BugE with tinted windshield

Optional Tinted canopy 

Basic BugE kit (no drive system) part#1361 includes:

  • Fully welded steel Chassis with front and rear mono shock suspension system.
  • Shock Absorbers, Steering Spindles and Tie rods.
  • White gelcoated fiberglass Fairing with molded fenders and storage compartment.
  • Fiberglass Seat Pan with rear fender, fiberglass Battery compartment.
  • Optically blown clear acrylic Canopy (clear ships, unless tinted is specified).
  • Bucket Seat, Seat cover.
  • Custom wheel Sprocket and motor Sprocket.
  • Specialty fasteners, latches, switches, parking brake Lever.
  • Powder coated mag type cast aluminum Wheels with Brakes and Tires.
  • 84 page illustrated Assembly Manual, complete part and tool list.
  • Owners Manual, decal set, Certificate Of Origin.

 Note: The images above show a completly assembled BugE, with additional wheel covers, vynel stickers and navigation system. Features that were added. You can see how easy it is to personalize your build project to your own style.