BugE Kit, Complete 48V Lithium, CAN-Enabled

Part# 1940

Pronounced "Bug Eeeee". The most complete 48V "CAN Enabled" Lithium BugE Kit available.
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BugE with tinted windshield

Optional Tinted canopy

The most *complete 48V "CAN Enabled" Lithium BugE Kit available.

CAN (also referred to as CANbus or CAN bus) is a network used in many products consisting of multiple microcontrollers that need to communicate with each other. Especially in modern vehicles. This version of BugE kit is offered with CAN enabled products, therefore a more advanced build proecess with more device control options.

  • Includes the "Basic BugE Kit" by default (body, frame, suspension, wheels, brakes, etc.,).
  • 3.7kW/hr 48V LiFePO4 battery pack, CAN-charger, CAN-Battery Management System (BMS), drive system, and special toools, etc. Please call to inquire about bigger pack options.
  • Illustrated assembly manual, parts and tools list (84 pages).
  • Owners Manual.
  • Certificate Of Origin (often required for street legalization).

*We know builders enjoy taking the liberty of personalizing their build. So we don't supply every small wire, nut and bolt potentially required. We do supply the large main power cable, related connectors, main wiring harnesses, and all main components necessary to assemble and drive your BugE.

 Note: The wheel covers, vynel stickers and navigation system pictured above, are features that were added to the kit being offered. You can see how easy it is to personalize your build project to your own style.