Motor, 12VDC, PM

High torque, 1/3HP, 12VDC, 500RPM, Permanent Magnet motor
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Versatile, reversible, high torque permanent magnet motor with keyed 5/8"output shaft.

  • 12 Volt DC
  • 43A
  • 1/3 HP (560W)
  • 500 RPM
  • Adjustable timing: loosen 2 bolts, and rotate the black center section relative to aluminum end plates.
  • 5/8" SHAFT with two woodruff key slots (2 keys included).
  • 12 LBS
  • Face mount option
  • Two 10AWG power leads, each is 17" long.
  • 3 Dust caps
  • Insulation class B

NOTE: One 1987 motor is well suited for some SHELL Eco Marathon Hybrids, power assisting bikes, etc.,. However, one motor is not enough power for a competetive Electrathon vehicle.