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Part# 2034

What could be better than a 94% efficient 60V PERM, Lynch or LEM or original Etek? A top choice for ultra-efficient applications, this Axial Flux motor is 93% efficient, brushed DC, Permanent Magnet motor.
Part#2000 72V Saietta Axial flux PMDC motor
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A top choice for ultra-efficient applications, this Axial Flux motor is 94% efficient, brushed DC, Permanent Magnet motor.

Applications include:

  • Automotive: Motorcycles, Electrathon, Eco-Marathon, Power Drive, and more.
  • Marine: Speed boats, auxiliary power for sail boats, bow thrusters, etc.
  • Industry: Custom Hollywood set equipment, Pumps, compressors, forklifts, machine tools, generators, etc.

119R 95R colage withWM

Features & Specifications:

  • Adjustable brush timing! Factory set to neutral
  • Temperature sensor (installed and wired)
  • High efficiency and power across a broad RPM range
  • Compact, with high power-to-weight ratio
  • High continuous power
  • DC allows use with lower cost and lightweight controllers
  • Generates its own cooling airflow by design
  • Competitively priced
  • Low maintenance
MODEL 119R – 68RPM/V
VOLTAGE 12V 24V 36V 48V 60V
RATED POWER 1.0kW 2.6kW 4.9kW 8.8kW 11.1kW
PEAK POWER 2.8kW 7.6kW 12.3kW 17.0kW 21.6kW
SPEED (rpm) 748 1539 2329 3103 3919
CONT. CURRENT 90A 120A 150A 200A 200A
RATED TORQUE 12.1Nm 17.6Nm 20.3Nm 27.2Nm 27.0Nm
DIAMETER (mm) 200

This motor is being developed rapidly. Before fabricating mating parts, please confirm dimensions below with that of the motor you receive.

95R R119R external dims

3D CAD File: (not available)
Power curve chart: (not available)