Cycle Analyst - Energy/Power Monitor

Part# 1635

High Current Cycle Analyst (CA-HC), with Ring Terminals for Remote Shunt. Measure and track energy & speed in multiple ways.
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The High Current Cycle Analyst is appropriate for electric motorcycles or similar sized vehicles.

140cm cable terminated with ring terminals for connection to external shunt (sold separately).

What's a shunt? The Cycle Analyst measures current flow by use of a sense resistor referred to as a "shunt". The shunt must be placed in-line with the traction battery pack power cable, so all current flow which is desired to be measured flows through the shunt. The Cycle Analyst can be used with any sized shunt. To display accurately, the user must program it for the shunt used.

Electrathon: For common power levels used with 24V Electrathon competition vehicles, we suggest a 200A, .050mv shunt. When using this shunt, program your Cycle Analyst to use 0.25mOhm value (as explained in the manual and this video).

The manual describes how to enter your shunt mOhm value in the Advanced Setup Menu. If you don't know the resistance (mOhm value) unit of your shunt, you can determine it (within reasonable accuracy) by using the formula R=V/I. The mV and Amp values are printed on your shunt. If your shunt has "50mV" and "200Amp" stamped into it (also written as 0.050V 200Amp) then we use a formula like this R=0.050V/200Amp to find R. Do the math and we find that R=0.00025 Ohm. Since the Cycle Analyst is expecting a mOhm value (not Ohm), multiply by 1000 and we get 0.25mOhm. Enter this value into the Cycle Analyst following the steps in the manual, and it will display amps and watts correctly. It's a good idea to compare it's output to another meter you trust, (i.e. a DC clamp meter) to confirm it's accuracy will meet your needs.

Dimensions: 128 x 57 x 26mm

Weight: 0.29kg

Also includes:

  • mounting bracket suitable for both flat panel mounting (1 screw)
  • mounting bracket also accommodates common handlebar tubing sizes
  • includes a speedometer sensor and spoke magnet
  • printed manual

Set-up Tip: The Cycle Analyst may be programmed for use with various shunt resistors (sold separately).

USER Manual: For more information please see the User Manual below.

Large Screen User's Guide (PDF)