Foot pedal, right

Part# 1306

Lightweight and compact. Works for brake, throttle, or clutch.
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 Lightweight and compact. Works for brake, throttle, or clutch.

 Welded mounting shaft is threaded and a pre-formed bump-stop tab makes for easy mounting.


  • H = 6.75"
  • W = 2"
  • D = 1"
  • Weight 6.5 Ounces

 Pedal has four 2.25” diameter holes along its length for attaching a return spring, cable clamping bolt, a clevis or ball-rod-end. It also has a a steel tab, designed to be used as a mechanical “stop” so the pedal does not retract (from spring tension) beyond where you want it to. If you want to be tricky, weld a nut to your frame, so a bolt can be used for the pedal stop to rest against. It can then be adjusted to move the pedal position.

 *This part is ONLY the one circled. Left AND Right are shown in the image for reference only.