Motor controller for Permanent Magnet and Series type motors. 12V to 90V(peak) input. 300Amp output.
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2025 Controller

Buyer is responsible to understand and properly wire according system requirements.

The diagram below is for a 24V Electrathon, and provided for refernce only. For use with other applications, a contactor may be required in addition to the main powe switc shown.

For use with 36V and higher, install an appropriate pre-charge resistor across the main pwer switch as specified by the manufacturer:
     36V=250 Ohm, 10Watt
     48V=450Ohm, 10Watt
     72V=1000Ohm, 10Watt

  • To protect the controller from reverse polarity, also place a diode in-line with the 12V 2A fuse shown.
  • For added safety, wire a micro switch that is OPEN (when throttle lever is in the OFF position) in-line with the 12V 2A fuse shown. This switch is often standard on pot-box throttle input assemblies.
  • For added safety, place an additional (small) interlock/ignition switch or key-switch in-line with the 12V 2A fuse shown.

SR series controller wiring for Electrathon

Advanced Motor Controller

  • 12 to 72 volt (90V peak)
  • 300 Amp
  • User personality switch input
  • Flexible USB programming
  • Integrated heat sink mounts on any suitable surface
  • Optional Solenoid Control for Main DC Control
  • Standard 4-hole OR 2-hole mounting
  • Optional Universal-Mount Adapter for No Drill Install
  • Auto-throttle calibration for smooth operation
  • Hi-Reliability Optional Fan panel (500 & 600 Amp models include the fan)

 Click here for the latest SR controller series Specifications, Manual, Software download, etc.