Controller, ALLTRAX SPM, 24-48V, 300A

Part# 1877

Solid state Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) controller. Sophisticated yet simple and reliable. The drive style and user interface are like no other. Torque and Speed are graphically adjustable. You can re-curve the throttle response from buttery smooth to lightning fast.
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  • Supports 10 Different Throttles The SPM/SPB features 10 throttles including all of the common throttles and some specialty throttles, 0-5v and a USB throttle.
  • Where applicable, This controller offers main contactor/solenoid/relay control for safety. When the solenoid is wired to the Rly Coil + and - tabs, the main solenoid drive is under KSI hardware and software control.
  • Adaptive “Auto Range” Throttle Auto range throttle learns the actual throttle range of the sensor and scales to this. Eliminates dead band in throttle response at both ends of pedal travel. The throttle can also be set manually with the Absolute Throttle Mode.
  • USB Programming Port USB interface is high speed, and you can program the controller without an external power supply - unit is USB powered for programming.
  • Where applicable, Programmable Throttle and Brake Curves: The SPM has the ability to provide independent torque (current) control or speed (voltage) control to the motor at any throttle position.
  • Programmable Battery Current Limit For applications where battery current limiting is critical, the SPM has a adjustable battery current limit setting. As the controller approaches the battery current limit, it will limit the output power to keep the battery current under the limit setting.
  • High Speed Current Limit The SPM features a 3 stage current limit architecture which provides smooth motor current control, responds in less than 50 microseconds to excessively high average current and in less than 3 microseconds to large fault currents.
  • Color Coded Power Terminals To aid in installation, the high current connections are color coded. The B+ is Red, the B- is Black, the M- is Blue and A2 is Green.
  • Integrated Heatsink with Active Fan Cooling Thermostatically fan cooled, no external heatsink required. Dramatically increases continuous power compared to conduction cooled drives. Fan is field replaceable with 1 screw and fast-on connectors.
  • Flexi-Mount System With no fixed holes for mounting, the Flexi-mount system allows for an almost infinite combination of mounting options.



  • WEIGHT: 3.82lbs
  • Voltage: 24-48V nominal, 62V max
  • Current:
    • 350A=Peak Amps
    • 300A=1.5 min Amps
    • 230A=5 min Amps
    • 210A=Continuous Amps


The Operators Manual includes wiring diagrams, installation insructions, blink codes, programming details, warranty, and more. 



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