Motor & Gear box

Part# 1220-567

24V DC motor & gearbox with neutral switch.
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Invacare 24V DC motor & gearbox with neutral lever (rotates 90 degrees to engage & disengage).

Model No. 1057902

Part# DG-102D

111 RPM in either direction.

Shaft diameter: 17mm/0.67"

Shaft key 6mm/0.237"

Shaft extends from case 45mm/1.65"

Shaft has a tapped hole. Not clear what size.

Mounting: There are 6 tapped bolt holes for mounting. 3 are under the white protective tape pictured. A half-pipe of 25-26mm diameter is in the cast location between the mounting holes.

No other spec's available.

Runs smooth. Appears to be in excellent condition. Unclear if it's ever been used.