Controller, 4QD

Controller, 155 Amp peak, with regenerative braking
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Full featured Two Quadrant (acceleration and regenerative braking) motor speed controller principally for 24v battery operation. Connections are all arranged at one end of the board for ease of access once the controller is boxed.

Possible applications: powered scooters, bicycles and tricycles and miniature railways that do not require reversing. Continuous power is too low for Electrathon applications. See our controllers section for that and more.


  • Independent, linear, adjustable acceleration and deceleration ramps
  • thermally sensitive overcurrent limiting
  • regen current limit
  • pot fault detection
  • ramp down at power off
  • high pedal lockout and ignition switch lockout

Specifications (Sco-120)

Supply voltage. 24v  
  Tolerance -20 +50% Subject to overvoltage limit
Supply current. 30mA At zero speed
Output voltage (forward). 0 to 100% full speed adjustable.
Output current max (typical). 155 amps 120 amps regen
           1 minute rating. 115 amps without additional heatsink!
  2 minute rating 60 amps without additional heatsink!
  continuous 30 amps or more heatsink dependant
  voltage drop at 20a 90mV
Overheat current. 25 amps - typical
Overheat temperature. 95°C - on heatsink
Switching frequency 20kHz approximately
Acceleration time 330mSec to 7 Sec adjustable
Deceleration time 30mSec to 7 Sec adjustable
Input 1k to 25k pot or 0-3v adjustable
Pot fault detect. greater than 30K
Size. 160mm x 102mm x 40mm
Weight. 325g