Charger, 6A 8 cell LiFePO4 Pack

Part# 1820

Smart charger with 110v & 220V AC input and status indicators.
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Intelligent charger designed for any 25.6 V (8 cells) LiFePO4 Battery pack including Polymer LiFePO4 and Cylindrical LiFePO4 with capacity >= 6800mAh


Auto detect to support 100-240Vac input

Short Circuit Protection - Charger output cut-off when short circuit is detected.

Overload Protection: Charger output current is limited when overload is detected.

Reverse Polarity Protection: Charger output cut-off when battery polarity is reversed.

Uses CC CV method to charge and automatically shuts-off after fully charge.

Two LED Displays:

•LED 1 = Red (power ON)

•LED 2 = Red (charging)

•Green (fully charged).


•Current: 6.0 A standard charging rate

•Output: 29.4VDC

•Max Power output: 180W

•Charging time: (1.41 x Ah rate of the pack) / 6.0A charge current.

Safety protection includes:

•Over Voltage protection

•Short Circuit protection

•Output reverse protection

•Built in cooling fan to ensure charger long service life


Connect the charger to the AC wall socket

LED 1 = Red (AC power on, remain on during the whole operation) and LED 2 = Green.

 Connect the DC output cord to battery terminals, LED 2 will turn Red indicating charging (Red = V+, Black = V-).

 When LED 2 turns GREEN, the battery pack is fully charged.

 Charger will turn off automatically if it was not connected to battery pack within 3 minutes after power on. To “reset” charger, unplug AC power cord and plug in again.

 The battery may be faulty if LED 2 cannot change to Green after a long time.

 Always place the charger in well-ventilated, dry environment and indoor use only.

 The charger is designed with aluminum housing as heat sink; do not cover the case to avoid over heating when charging.


•Two 10.0A replacement fuses

•One 4 Pin male Cannon plug

•One 4 Pin male "Cannon plug" to "Clips" adaptor


•Dimension (LxWxH): 190mm(7.5")x92mm(3.6")x52mm(2.0")

•Weight: 2.0 lbs 7.4Oz (1120g)

 Wrong polarity will damage the charger. DESTINY is not responsible for the damage or losses caused by misuse.