Chain Drive Package - for 7/8

Part# 1741

4 sprockets, freewheel, chain & master link. Fits motors with a 7/8" shaft and a BMX style drive wheel hub.
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Sprockets & Chain if using a motor shaft of 7/8" and a BMX style drive wheel hub that accepts the included thread-on freewheel (for sprocket mounting). All sprockets and chain below are size #35. Three motor sprockets are included to offer a variety of drive ratios.


#1598 Motor Sprocket, 15 teeth

#1599 Motor Sprocket, 16 teeth

#1600 Motor Sprocket, 17 teeth

#1821 Sprocket, Hubless, 60 teeth, is pre-bored and drilled to fit freewheel and it's bolt pattern.

#1700 Rear Wheel Freewheel

#1615 Roller Chain, 10 foot length, #35, 3/8" Pitch, steel, includes 1 master link.


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