J1772 Power Enable/Disable Circuit

Sends the required signal to enable standard EVSE's (charging stations) to turn-on. A safety circuit protects J1772 connections from arcing damage and can automate other features.
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 For safety, lifecycle and other reasons, the J1772 charge port connectors are designed to have the power lines dead (off) until after being safely connected.

 After the vehicle is safely connected to a standard charging station, also called Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE), this tiny circuit senses the connection and signals the EVSE to allow power to flow to the connector. It also signals the EVSE power to stop, prior to a disconnection. This occurs when the thumb latch on the EVSE connector is pressed (required to physically release the connector).

 When the connector is safely engaged, the circuit includes an optional relay output that can be used to:

  • Disable the vehicles power controller (while EVSE is connected).
  • Operate LED(s) to indicate the "connected and energized" status.
  • Enable/disable power to your charger when using an extension cord. Since power is always on from the wall, this feature can trigger a disable signal for the on-board charger, prior to a disconnection when the thumb latch on the EVSE connector is pressed, before a disconnection.

 Circuit dimensions: L=1.65", W=0.87", H=0.156"