Complete Electrathon Car #60 red

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FREE DELIVERY, Record setting Electrathon Car, complete with batteries and External charger.
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This super efficient Electrathon car was built by our friend Dave Cloud and is designed for larger drivers.

We're offering the complete running vehicle with batteries, charger, instrumentation, spare tires, spare chain, and 3 sprockets for track tuning.


  • The top and sides are made from fiberglass and carbon fiber. 
  • The sides and base are built mostly from double-walled fiberglass panels with honeycomb core, and carbon fiber reinforcements.
  • The front and rear wheel mount structures are made from welded mild steel box and tubing.


  • The rear tires are about 44 inches apart (track width).
  • Distance from the front axle to the rear axles is about 7ft.
  • Vehicle body is 11ft long.
  • Max height is 28"
  • The fuselage is approximately 21" wide at the shoulders.

Car is equipped with:

  • Extremely efficient Lynch Electric Motor
  • PWM Motor controller
  • Two Red Optima batteries that meet Electrathon America battery requirements.
  • External high power 24v charger
  • Instrumentation is a "Battery Manager 3" provides real-time battery data for driver and testing. i.e. voltages, current, amp hours, etc.
  • A temperature sensor is mounted to the top of one of the two batteries. It's display is visible from the drivers compartment.
  • Mount points for ballast weight.
  • Front tire is Kenda, size 16"x1.50" + 1 spare tire and 2 spare tubes.
  • Rear tires are Primo Comet, size 20"x1.35" + 2 spare tires.
  • As with any previously owned vehicles, this one comes with some dents, chips, cracks, etc., that don't cause any functional problems.

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