Service Examples


We're blowing the dust off this car that has been in the owners family since it was new. Interior is in good shape. Keeping the stock appearance inside and out is an important part of this project.

It will be a comfortable classic in-town and on the highway.

What's going in:

  • AC 34 motor with adapter to stock manual gearbox.
  • Curtis 1238 650 Amp controller, with CAN
  • Five TESLA model S modules to be wired in series (126 Volt peak)
  • Orion Battery Management System (BMS), with CAN and external SOC display.
  • 1500 Watt PTC electric heater

When we're done with the conversiont it's off to paint.

Motor, clutch & transmission going in:

TESLA Model S module with upgraded BMS taps and temporary connector for testing:

Cardboard mock-up of modules help determine how many can fit and to visualize service accessibility:

A 3 module box is in place over the motor for final fit testing. The controller (not shown) mounts to the side of the box. The smaller box at left is for high voltage power distribution, main contactor and other HV controls. To it's right is a vacuum pump and chrome reservoir for power brake assist.

More to come, check back if you're interested in the BMW 2002 series project.