Electric Porsche 911 by Power Station SHIFTev.com

Powered with American made DC electric muscle, capable of 400 ft/lbs of torque. The motor is mounted to the stock six speed transaxle using the first adapter produced (for this transaxle) with a twin radial bearing motor coupling system. Inside is a custom 8-pound flywheel, 6 puck copper clutch and a Stage I KEP pressure plate. It has quite a launch, out performing the gas version's 0-60MPH time.

Electric Porsche 911 by SHIFT Electric Vehicles - SHIFTev.com














SHIFTev.com 911 Conversion to electric

Electric Porsche 911 by SHIFT Electric Vehicles LLC (SHIFTev.com)


  Built in 2014, in partnership with technical expertise from Café' Electric and many others

2013 04 20 18 58 17 988 sml 


Power 348kW (467HP)
Toque 400 ft-lb
0-60MPH (after conversion) 5.0 sec
Top Speed >100 MPH
Curb weight (after conversion) 3625 lbs (550 lbs more than stock)
Battery capacity 28.8kWh
Battery Voltage (nominal) 288V
Charge inlet J1772, , located where gas cap was
Charge rate 5 kW, Easy to upgrade
Charge time from empty 4.65 hours
Charge from empty cost (in Oregon) $2.83
Range 80-100 mile (initial range test was 97)
Avg energy consumption 320 Wh/mile
Transaxle 6 spd, 7lb flywheel, clutch & pressure plate
Motor Netgain Warp 9, Series, DC 
Motor Cooling Temp responsive forced fitered air
Controller Zilla 2000 by Café Electric
Controller cooling Water, using stock front right radiator
Battery Management System (BMS) Orion BMS
DC-DC (12V Power supply) IOTA 55 AMP - Pack V in, 14V out
Battery cell type (90) CALB CA 100Ah LiFePO4 cells, in series
Stock engine temp gage  Automated to display motor field temp
Stock oil pressure gage Automated to display battery temp
BMS instrumentation CAN data displayed on stock gages AND stereo 
Stock cabin heat/AC controls  All functional
Air conditioning Stock pump, belt driven off auxiliary motor shaft
Stock power steering except- Added electric power steering pump
Suspension & Brakes Upgraded to performance calipers, rotors & shocks 
Power brakes Added electric vacuum pump for power brakes
Cabin heat Three 2kW block heaters warm the stock water system
Seats  Upgraded to a later model with electric heat
Stereo Upgraded head unit, amp, speakers, dynomat
Lighting  Upgraded all to LED inside & out
Various automation  Arduino, Teensy and custom hardware/code
Exhaust port covers Custom LED 
Paint Custom

This is a simple animation showing the early concept layout of major components. The final assembly is like this in many ways.
Modeling bulky items is great for exploring physical layout options. Parts shown: This animation includes: Zilla 2000 Amp controller, 
93 CALB CA LiFePO4 cells and some boxes, Lithiumate Pro BMS master, stock air conditioning compressor, two fuses,
Gigavac GX16BEB contactor; 12V auxiliary battery, some lids, and mounting structure. 
The boxed Porsche unibody frame structure is shown in red.

Early concept video of electric 911 componenets

Engine compartment showing stock at left, and
partially completed conversion at right.
Porsche original engine compartment and during conversion

Test fit of motor face mount, isolator and chassis hangar. An integrated shelf accepts the air conditioning compressor above the motor.
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Test fit of rear battery boxes and mounting system.

Test fitting the front battery box.

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Before building battery boxes, we determined how many cells will fit by using foam blocks that are dimensionally
equivalent to the cell type to be used. Easily reconfigured and positioned for a quick visual and fit confirmation.

fit checking possible battery locations

Happy owner of a new Zilla 2000 Amp controller.
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The pump-enabled 6kW heater warmed up to 150°F in <2 minutes when bench tested.

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Standard public charge connector (J1772) installed. So shiny you can see Stasi's proud face in the reflection.

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Considering where a DC fast charger (CHAdeMO) might be placed. Car is wired for future upgrade.

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Stasi, mechanic extraordinaire, installing polycarbonate lids he built.

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Keith, lending a helpful hand.

keith 911

All cell temperature sensors (thermistors) are slipped under the shrink tube against copper battery connectors. 
While it's not a perfect indication if the center cell temperature, batteries anode and cathode transfer heat better than the plastic wall.

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Confirming BMS sense wires are correctly placed, as measured from the connector (plugged into the tool).

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A time lapse video of wiring the front battery box cells to the Battery Management System.

A nice cosmetic touch: This part mounts across the car, just above and behind the back seat.
It is highly visible when the convertible top is down. 
Friend and Hot Rod upholsterer
Mark Wygant (owner 
of Premiere Upholstery)made this previously broken part look like new
with the subtle embroidered word "ELECTRIC" using true 
Porsche font.

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