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555x416 red salt side

Powered by products from SHIFT EV, this streamliner achieved the top speed record for Electrathon Class vehicles at the 2007 World of Speed event on the Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah.

Originally built around 2003, this aerodynamic and low rolling resistance machine was hand crafted from carbon fiber. It sports a simple and lightweight three wheel independent suspension.

The initial design goal was to become a top competitor in 60 minute efficiency competitions where the rules limit battery capacity to a maximum of 1000 Watt-Hour.

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More about SHIFT EV Aerodynamic Racing Shells.





OSU Solar Trailer charging a TeslaSnapshot of Outback Inverters and other system componentsThis utility trailer was initially designed by OSU students as a senior project in mechanical engineering. It was constructed in 2007 to educate about photovoltaic (solar electric) energy and provide a renewable, portable power supply. It has been used to provide electricity to campus and community events at remote locations where power was otherwise unavailable. 

A few years later, some of the lead acid batteries failed and were removed, reducing the pack to three sub-packs of four 12V batteries. Still configured in a 48V system. This reduced pack weighed 1926lbs and was rated to produce 771Ah at 48V (37kW/hr), if it was new that is. It was rated to provide 250 cycles if discharged to 75% on each cycle. The heavy and aged battery pack performance was estimated at 29.5kW/hr at best. 

SHIFT EV was contracted to replace the lead batteries with Lithium. This included some system and structural design work, assembly, cabling, wiring and integration of the BMS with the inverter/charging system. We installed 48 180Ah LiFePO4 cells (593 lbs), rated to produce 29.2kW/hr. If you caught the math error, it's no error. The 180 case sized cells selected are now rated for >190Ah by the manufacturer. Cycle life of the new cells is rated for 2000 cycles (@ 80% DOD).

Lithium powered bugE trike, street legal

Customized BugE kit that we built for a customer who requested improved range, acceleration and top speeds. It is street legal and capable of highway speeds.
We modified the battery box to accept a 5kW LiFePo4 battery pack, installed a 400A adjustable DC controller and a reversible series-wound motor so the driver has the convenience of "powered" reverse.