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In 2013, SHIFT Electric Vehicles (SHIFT EV ) acquired Destiny Parts.

DESTINY (now SHIFT EV) Streamliner 555 on saltGood news!

Both companies have shared the same ownership since their inceptions. DESTINY has provided products to builders of high-efficiency extremes since 1999, while SHIFT EV has focused on higher-power extremes. Our expertise in both area's has complementary benefits to all of our customers. Bigger value and savings is passed on to you by combining offerings and eliminating redundancies.

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SHIFT-n-DP merger



Where did Destiny Parts go?

In 2013, SHIFT Electric Vehicles LLC acquired "Destiny Parts".This was more of a smooth "merger" than an acquisition, because both companies have had the same ownership since their inceptions. Read more...

 We never left!

Since 1999, Destiny Parts has provided quality products and outstanding service to builders of ultra efficient vehicles internationally.

 "The" Original Siamese 8" motor

Fully rebuilt to better-than-new condition. Will this launch your next car? Read more...

An Electric Hot Rod?

It's crossed your mind, or you probably wouldn't be here. With instant response and amazing torque, build the ultimate sleeper.

VIDEO: Sharing wiring tips

Great Service - Superior Quality. Example shows the wiring of cell taps in a Porsche 911. See more in our Tech Tips menu.

VIDEO: Fun on and off TRACK

Local and National Competitions that you and your team can participate in.