Lithium powered bugE trike, street legal

Customized BugE kit that we built for a customer who requested improved range, acceleration and top speeds. It is street legal and capable of highway speeds.
We modified the battery box to accept a 5kW LiFePo4 battery pack, installed a 400A adjustable DC controller and a reversible series-wound motor so the driver has the convenience of "powered" reverse.


The on-board charger is a multi-stage 25Amp charger. Top-end balancing of the lithium cells is managed by on-cell regulators. The regulators also monitor the voltage of each cell, providing a signal to a circuit we designed to manage the charger or alert the driver any cell reaches an undesirable voltage. The cell monitors and the circuit together, perform the basic battery management system (BMS) functions.


lithiumdash-frontlithiumdash-dashOther touches include our own axle mounted (non-rotating) fiberglass wheel discs, GPS navigation, digital battery monitor, stainless steel fasteners, polished aluminum, adjustable seat, keyed on/off, LED power-on & blinker indicators, and personalized stenciling.
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FREE DELIVERY, Record setting Electrathon Car, complete with batteries and External charger.

FREE DELIVERY, Record setting Electrathon Car, complete with batteries and External charger.

Record setting Electrathon Car, complete with batteries and External charger.

Manufactured to be lightweight, using an assortment of hand laid fiberglass.

JuiceBox Pro is our Wi-Fi connected, Smart 40A / 10 kW EVSE, with a 24-foot cable.

Wheel assembly, alloy mag style, may be used for front or rear, with integrated drum brake.

Solid state Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) controller. Sophisticated yet simple and reliable. The drive style and user interface are like no other. Torque and Speed are graphically adjustable. You can re-curve the throttle response from buttery smooth to lightning fast.

Factory built handle and cable, 20ft long.

Controllers and Accessories for ZILLA Controllers, by Cafe Electric

All Motors and Accessories by NetGain Motors, Inc.

Charger for individual LiFePO4 cells (3.2V Nominal).

Includes all major parts needed to assemble a high efficiency Electrathon vehicle, quickly and afford-ably, assuming you design the frame and body.

Solid state PWM, 0-5K input, Non-programmable, quick and easy set-up.

The most complete Electrathon kit available anywhere.

KDZ12401 is a 24-120 Volt (nominal input), 400A (peak output) programmable DC controller with optional regenerative braking.

PROGRAMMABLE, 0-5k ohm throttle input, 1/2 speed reverse option.

Motorcycle-like twist handle style for controllers that use 0-5k ohm OR 5k-0 ohm ranges.

Universal Potentiometer Box. Includes 0-5k ohm AND 5k-0 ohm inputs, and safety switch.

Hall Effect Pedal Assembly (HEPA) & wire for controllers that accept HEPA type input.

Compact 72Ah LiFePO4 battery